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Knowing and discovering ourselves unlocks our true potential to achieve a higher level of happiness and success. Over the past 17 years, we have helped thousands of people live a happier life.

Our clients seek us out during challenging times to help them develop solutions to their personal and professional challenges. Our approach uncovers root cause obstructions in these areas and then provides practical and effective tools to get our clients back on track.


Our unique and proprietary approach utilizes the wisdom and lessons learned from the greatest thinkers of mankind. We tailor this wisdom to craft the ideal program to meet each client’s needs. Each program centers around sharing and shepherding valuable

Practical Philosophical Tools we have created and perfected over 17 years. 

Our sessions are insightful, impactful, and fun and take place at convenient locations or online.  These sessions foster non-judgment, openness, safety, comfort, and respect.


We Can Help

Our 7 Factors impacting inner happiness provide the core tenets that comprise happiness. If left unchecked or unnurtured, these factors can become harmful and destructive.

Our expert team of coaches and professionals work alongside you to ensure that once these tools are shared with you, you are comfortable with them and can quickly deploy them in your everyday life.


Our clients typically experience the following benefits:

  • A better knowledge and understanding of themselves

  • Practical learning that can be applied to their daily life

  • More peace of mind

  • Extra energy

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Better interpersonal relationships

  • Improved self-esteem

  • An overall happier life

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