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Relationships & Love

  • You feel disconnected from your loved one(s)

  • You need to feel more connected and in the moment.

  • You and your partner are fighting more often. 

  • You feel a loss in your relationship

  • You find it more difficult to express your thoughts & emotions 

  • You and your partner don’t understand each other 

Love is the most powerful energy source on the planet.

Humans need interactions, friendships, and connections.  These provide some of the fuel for our meaningful existence. This fuel can be called “love”.  It is gratifying and fulfilling.  Love makes us want to be better.

LOVE is a source of energy that most of us have experienced. We know that when we give love, we are in an elevated state of mind. When We receive love, it fills us with energy, produces security, and manifests tenderness and a sense of thankfulness.  These are all beautiful and enjoyable feelings. Receiving such magical positive energy is extremely powerful. We increase our chances of keeping that receptivity channel for love open by giving as much love as possible in every direction without expecting anything in return.


So… how do we harvest the world most significant and most powerful energy? 


There is a misconception that love is an inherited right for humans, but love must be cultivated to be harvested. Thus, when the unexplained miracle of love does occur, we must be thankful as our gratitude and efforts keep the earth fertile for more love to grow.


Love is not a question of attraction. It is necessary not only to feel love but to think, build, nourish, and manifest it physically. If not nurtured this way, love generally fails. The love pill (emotion) is the underlying driver ruling relationships, but love cannot grow based solely on emotion. For love to grow, we need to generate stronger links with our ideas and actions that will accompany the feeling of love.


Working on building a healthy love relationship with a partner, family, siblings, friends, and ultimately with our world requires patience, perseverance, and commitment. The derived energy we acquire when we receive love back makes this worthwhile. The effort we put forth is like a small investment that gives us a lifetime of unimaginable returns.


Let our coaches help you develop and nurture more loving relationships.



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