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“I was very excited to have booked Philosophical Style to present to our entrepreneur members, and I had high expectations. Not only did they provide fresh and current perspectives; their practical approach to dealing with success in business and life over-delivered. Philosophical Style’s Emotional Insight™ is a game-changer and in many ways utterly unique. Our attendees were blown away. I look forward to having them back to present as often as possible.”

Patrick Snyder
Executive Director, BizStarts

“I didn’t know much about Emotional Insight™, nor the importance and effectiveness of seeking harmony in my ideas and actions.  Having the tools that incorporate these concepts could be just what I need to jumpstart my business growth strategy”.

Carl Gianucci

“The program material was something I hadn’t heard before. Now instead of just complaining about the fact that I have stress, I have a better way use it to achieve my goals.” 

Michelle Johnston

“It was amazing and transformational for me. I was recently promoted to supervisor, so this was the perfect time to hear this program. I hope to come back in six weeks to tell you that I’m doing well at my new job.”

Elizabeth Packard

“I loved how they started each part of the program by introducing a new idea, and then unpacked it along the way using relevant examples.  The real-world scenarios made the concepts easy to understand.  I can’t wait to apply these to my business and my life.”

Marion Pashel

“The takeaways were practical and on point. I will start using them immediately.”

Jason Colby

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