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Passion & Living a Meaningful Life


  • You feel lost                                                        

  • You feel uncomfortable when others

        ask what you do for a living  

  • You feel that the days seem to blend

  • You feel disappointed in the direction your

        life is headed  

  • You question your beliefs

  • You haven’t found your passion

  • You have trouble relaxing without your

        mind wandering 

  • You have trouble finding joy in things

  • You have trouble getting motivated day to day

  • You are thinking about your mortality and the mark you’ll leave behind

The desire to live a meaningful life is very prevalent across most sections of humankind.  Our belief that we are living a life worth living, filled with passion and meaning, is central to our self-esteem, self-worth, and happiness.  When we don't feel that we are meeting our threshold levels in this area, it can lead to us feeling stuck or paralyzed to the point of questioning our very existence.

This issue impacts many of us:


  • Young adults often experience a lack of motivation as they make their way in the ever-changing world.  

  • Individuals who have not yet identified their passion frequently find it difficult to find purpose.

  • Those who are at a later stage in life often reflect on the impact they have made on the world.  When we don't feel that we have lived a life that results in the legacy we would like, the impact can be overwhelming. 

Ask yourself, "If you had the chance, would you live this life over in the same way?" If the answer is "no" or "I'm not sure..."

We Can Help!

Living a life that is meaningful to you with passion is fundamental to achieving happiness.

Finding one’s passion and living a meaningful life is unique to the individual and must incorporate many factors such as timing, and

your situation.

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