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Philosophical Fitness™ is an approach whose foundation is based on using the learnings and lessons from the greatest thinkers throughout mankind to yield positive actions in our everyday lives.  It is a way of thinking. It's a mindset that allows us to be receptive to utilizing the Practical Philosophical Tools, which provide actionable, real-world solutions to the problems we all face.

An example of using Philosophical Fitness might include a client desiring to get help with an issue such as gaining better control of their anger.  Anger might have caused them to lose meaningful relationships with family members and might also have triggered headaches, lack of motivation, and other negative symptoms.


We would begin by increasing our client’s "Philosophical Fitness."  That is, we would use learnings from one or more of the greatest thinkers of mankind.  We would then develop practical tools from that great thinker that apply in today’s world. 

In this case study, Nelson Mandela might be an applicable example. Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison for opposing South Africa’s apartheid system. He faced harsh conditions designed to break his resolve, but Mandela refused to give up.  He overcame the extreme anger he felt towards those who imprisoned him and became the driving force for peace and human rights and the President of South Africa.


Mandela was very volatile when he entered prison. Still, over time, he developed tools that included an ability to keep an open mind and manage and accept the differences between understanding and judgment.  These tools and others might be relevant to the client’s anger issues.  If so, our coach would explain, teach, and work alongside the client so that they could assimilate and then deploy these tools, which will allow them to overcome their anger issues.

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