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  • You notice a lack of performance at work

  • You wake up without energy  

  • You have frequent headaches

  • You are exhausted when you wake 

  • You are often times overwhelmed

  • You are experiencing increased health issues

  • You generally lack motivation

Stress is a highly misunderstood condition.  When most of us think of stress, we are actually thinking of the result of negative stress. The truth is that stress is neither good nor bad.  Stress is merely energy!  

If channeled correctly, stress can provide increased energy, greater motivation, the ability to achieve better and deeper relationships, and more productivity.  If left unchecked, that same energy often results in negative stress, which can impact us physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The secret to using stress to your advantage is learning when you are moving towards negative stress and then utilizing tools that channel the energy for your benefit.

Stress is just undirected energy. Learn how to channel this energy.

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