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  • You spend a lot of time worrying

  • You feel anxious even when things are going well

  • You spend time obsessing about meeting your expectations

  • You have gotten paralyzed or stuck due to fear in the last month

  • You become anxious when you think about new experiences

  • You change your routine or avoid places or people because you are afraid that something might happen

Fear is a concept that gets its attention primarily from its consequences and rarely from its root cause.  The paradox here is that the best way to overcome a specific fear is to understand its true origin.


The main reason for our lack of attention and acknowledgment of these root causes is that we don’t have the proper knowledge or training necessary to ascertain the true origin of our fears.  In many cases, these origins might have their genesis many years ago, even going as far back as our childhood.


There is nothing that compares to the feelings of fear. Fear takes us to our outmost nervous edge and can be paralyzing. It’s important to note that when there is actual danger, fear is a beneficial survival instinct both in humans and animals.  However, in many cases, we become fearful when there is no imminent danger or life-threatening situation.  Why, then, would we be fearful?  Where does that emotion originate?


When faced with fear, the brain produces a chemical cocktail that flows to the nervous system. These nerves produce hormones, such as adrenaline, that trigger the body to be tense and alert. Heart rate and blood pressure automatically rise with the increase in adrenaline.  This also evokes our fight-or-flight response.


Fear is an emotion generated by an idea in our brain and can impact all three of our centers: intellectual, emotional, and physical.

If we do not acknowledge that fear is rooted in the brain, it takes the reigns of our emotions and paralyzes us physically as well

as intellectually.  


In order to overcome these deep-rooted fears we need to start with a game plan, which includes identifying the root cause and source of your fear, and its many disguises; we share practical tools with you so that with a bit of courage you will be able to channel the adrenaline to fuel your objectives. Remember that fear and courage have the commonality of adrenaline, and while fear uses adrenaline to leave us powerless, courage uses it to drive us to overcome ourselves.


Our expert coaches and team will work to uncover the true origin of your fear and then show you how to channel it to achieve your most beautiful dreams.

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