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  • You are upset and irritable at some point every day

  • You think that other people are generally wrong

  • You often quarrel with loved ones, friends,

       or family

  • You get upset with other people easily 

  • You are irritated by other drivers

  • You apologize for being angry 

Anger is not inherent to us. It is not a genuine emotion; it is borrowed, it is not ours. Anger originates in the outside world.  We take in Anger energy and accumulate it in our bodies.  As time goes by, anger energy accumulates.  Eventually, we turn into a pressure cooker and explode. Unknowingly, we have been pulled into a cyclic chain of cause and effect.


Generally, an angry person follows this circular cycle: 

  • Their internal pressure cooker fills, and they explode.

  • Everyone involved endures the consequences

  • Slowly - very slowly – the perpetrator of the outburst regains energy.

  • Time goes on, their pressure cooker fills, and they explode again.                                                              

We get ahead of anger and violent behavior by learning about it and its cyclic destructive behavior. Once we realize the disastrous consequences of stepping into that cycle, the love for ourselves, the knowledge of anger’s mechanism, and the tools needed to combat this virus will help us refrain from continuing to step into that hellish cycle. 

Channel excess anger energy into a force that allows you to be capable of great things many of which we typically wouldn’t be able to achieve without this extra energy. 

""Through my bitter experience, I have learned a supreme lesson: to preserve my anger because, just as preserved heat is transformed into energy, our controlled anger can be transmuted into a power capable of moving the world."" 

                                            -Mahatma Gandhi

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